Laura Freixas

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Laura Freixas studied at the French Lyceum in Barcelona. Afterwards she graduated in Law, even though she has always earned her life through writing.

She has written several novels on criticism, but also those on conventional literature. It would be worth mentioning the fact that her first novel was actually a request by a liquor manufacturer, fond of adventure novels.

Freixas has also worked as researcher, besides promoting feminist literature. She normally writes an editorial column at La Vanguardia newspaper, in addition to her collaboration in literary magazines such as Mercurio and Letras libres.



Laura Freixas is quite an important Spanish writer on feminist literature. She managed to edit an anthology of short stories by a series of female contemporary Spanish writers called Madres e hijas Mothers and Daughters.

Regarding the awards she has been given, one of the most outstanding ones is the Leonor Guzmán Prize.