Those who whisper under the ground (Los que susurran bajo la tierra)

When darkness lives inside you, the only escape is to give in to it.

Chile, summer of 1979. Raimundo de la Cruz Leyton is eight years old and spends his days with his sister Celeste in the family mansion, better known as “La Casa Roja”. Built at the beginning of the 20th century, it hides secret passages and a majestic art collection.

The family has recently moved there to care for the grandfather, Leónidas Leyton, a renowned businessman who has been diagnosed with terminal leukemia.

Raimundo's father, who is hardly ever at home, is a diplomat in the Junta Militar and keeps his children out of his “activities”.

One day, Raimundo hears a voice begging from the inside of the chapel: "Kill me, please." The whiningrepeats itselfthroughout the summer and Raimundo decides to look for answers. Is it an angel, ghost or demon what he hears? One day, after Raymond's carelessness, the “monster” escapes. The boy, confused, tries to forget him. But a question torments him. Why did that being live underground?

It won't be until he turns 13 that he will discover the truth. A call, an awakening for blood, will arise from the depths of his being and his food will be none other than one of the many victims trapped under the chapel. These are people detained by the dictatorship, who serve as food for the Leyton clan, a family of vampires.

Almost 20 years later, the family returns to La Casa Roja to attend the death anniversary ceremony of Leonidas Leyton.

Life has changed. Raimundo is analmost successful horror writer, his father was killed in an attack and his relationship with his mother and sister is increasingly tense. While Celeste embodies the family values, Raimundo repress himself and hides.

The night he arrives, a group of criminals tries to steal the works of art hidden in the mansion. The assault will trigger the past that Raimundo has been trying to forget, and the outcome will be even more chilling than expected.


RELEVANT DATA: Set in the context of the Chilean military dictatorship, Those who whisper under the ground gives a twist to stories with the same topic. Using references such as Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft, Jesús Diamantino builds an emotional terror reminiscent of Mike Flanagan's productions such as Midnight Mass.

Jesús Diamantino is an expert in studies of the fantastic and terror, he has written, edited and anthologized collections of short stories on the subject. Those who whisper under the ground is his first novel, causing a stir in Chile, and positioning it as a new reference for horror literature in the country.


What the critics said:

“Those who whisper under the ground has the rhythm of a thriller and the twists of a horror novel, or of a dictatorship like the Chilean one. Or better, it is the sum of both.” Ezio Mosciatti, Bibliochile.

“Diamantino's work settles in a remarkable way: he pursues the thread of tradition with the alacrity of the specialist that he is, but at the same time, he reformulates and recreates with new forms, with his own style and with the agility required by the new times." Cesar Farah, El Mostrador.

"Those who whisper under the ground collects various elements from the classic works and the horrific canon (…) The darkness, the gloomy and the longing for a better time is present throughout the entire story." Comiqueros.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.



THEMES: Science Fiction, Mystery, Double Life, Dysfunctional Family, Coming of Age, Inheritance, Mythology, Past, Dictatorship, Supernatural, Vampires, Revenge, Chile.

GENRE: DramaPolitical Terror.

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