Times of ink and ashes (Tiempo de tinta y ceniza)

The story of an impossible true love.

Madrid, 1925. One secret, two sisters. Since they were little, Helena and Carmen Galiana have been opposites. Helena wanted to get married and be a mother, while Carmen aspired to be a photographer and live among bohemian artists and feminists, while spending time in literary cafes.

When Helena marries Ricardo Herrera, a man from the military that comes from a good family and with whom she ends up having two daughters, she feels like she has achieved the life she always dreamed of. However, during the happiest time of her life, Carmen decides to pull away from her – in a very mysterious fashion.

Love doesn’t always come at the right time, but the passion that one feels cannot be hidden forever, and one single man has the power to turn the world of these two sister’s upsides down.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Time of Ink and Ashes (Tiempo de tinta y ceniza) is an evoking period drama that resembles other historical dramas such as Little Women. This compelling novel is the story of two sisters consumed by jealousy that have been separated by a secret that is threatening to come to light.

Lidia Herbada is a Spanish writer and journalist. She is a bestselling author of romantic novels in Spain, as well as a bestselling author of Spanish fiction in Italy and Germany.

Herbada has won several awards, such as the Grup Lobher International Award and the Poetry Center Poetic Award. She was a finalist for the Eñe Festival Award, the Malaga Award, and the XIX Carmen de Michelena Competition Award for the El Yelmo Association, among others.


What the press says:

“Lidia Herbada’s books speak for themselves.” El Mundo.

“Lidia Herbada has an optimistic spirit and a freshness which she pours into her work.” Revista Pandora.

“Her career has always been directed towards the world of art, script, dubbing, and new technologies.” Todo literature.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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