Today is a holiday (Hoy es fiesta)

Ignoring the fierce opposition of the housekeeper, the neighbors use the opportunity to go to the rooftop terrace on a bank holiday. Invading the rooftop terrace is perceived as the first sign of a possible change. Their expectations grow even higher with Mrs. Nieves’ prediction. She is a fortune-teller that lives in the building and she is predicting that all the neighbors are going to win the lottery. The raffle of lottery is celebrated that same evening. Everyone buys a lottery ticket sold by Mrs. Balbina, another neighbor. They are all sure they are going to win and stop being poor. As expected, the newspaper brings the news that the ticket won the prize. They are all euphoric until Daniela, Mrs. Balbina’s daughter, confesses tickets are fake, it was all a trap, since they needed the money.


RELEVANT FACTS: This story of more than 15 characters is an ode to hope. Buero Vallejo reflects on falsehood, hope, poverty, guarding appearances, authority and the desire for change in a global sense.

Buero Vallejo is the great theatrical author of the twentieth century. He won the Premio Miguel de Cervantes (1986) and the Premio Nacional de las Letras Españolas (1996). In addition, he has received in four occasions the Premio Nacional de Teatro and also the Honorary Max Theatre Award, among many other distinctions.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, TV Miniseries, TV Movie, Film


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