The hidden creativity and joy of a provincial city.

The protagonist doesn’t have a name, he could be your friend, your cousin or even yourself, but we will call him Tostonazo. He is a young guy who doesn’t have a job and who is barely making a living in the city. Tostonazo does not know what to do with his life, he feels different in a world full of “normal” people and he spends his days drowning his sorrows with orujo at a bar, where, one day, he meets someone who introduces him to the filmmaking world.

He then starts working as an intern for a movie set, where he does a bit of everything and although he doesn’t get payed very well, he discovers this is his new passion and tries hard to grow in the filmmaking world.

However, Sixto, the producer’s older brother, a shady man who seems to ruin everything he touches, will intervene in the film production, and will change the whole movie, generating a series of violent and uncomfortable situations among the crew.

The film ends up being a failure and Tostonazo is left unemployed again. Tired of the big city life and very few options ahead of him, he is forced to abandon his new passion to take care of his great-uncle he barely knows, a grumpy and sometimes ignorant old man who lives in the province of Avila and who Tostonazo will learn to love.

The situation doesn’t sound all that appealing, and he initially feels extremely bored in the provincial city, but Tostonazo soon realizes that, what at first seemed like a cruel punishment, will actually turn out to be a lifetime opportunity to find real friendship, find joy and be his real self.


RELEVANT DATA: Tostonazo has been received with great enthusiasm by the public and soon after its release it made it to the list of top-ten best-selling books in Spain. Witty and acute, Tostonazo criticizes our contemporary society with cynical yet gentle eyes. Santiago Lorenzostarted his career as ascreenwriter, film director and producer for several short films and movies, an experience that he uses to create the universe he portrays in this novel. His literary works have had international repercussion, and have been published in Italy, France, United States, Germany, and China, andhe has sold more than one hundred thousand copies.

Santiago Lorenzo has received the Best Book of the Year Award from the newspaper El Periódico, La Sombra del Ciprés Award, the Cálamo Award for Best Book of the Year, Los Libreros Recomiendan Award, and the Booksellers of Navarra Award. He has also been awarded a Goya for best short animation film.


What critics have said:

“It is a tragedy told through comedy”. La Vanguardia.

“An emotional and uplifting textaboutliving in community”. Cultura.

“Through laughter and word play, Lorenzo’s dissects today’s society as if it were a sharp knife”. Babelia.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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