You Are Not Getting Married Today (Tú hoy no te casas)

From Spain to Costa Rica in search of a second chance.

After hours of makeup and hairstyling, Coco is ready. Dressed in her wedding gown, she decides to accept the destiny her mother has so carefully planned for her. Minerva Capdeville, the country’s most powerful fashion editor, has organized everything to perfection. Jaime, a coveted bachelor and the young promise of finance, awaits her at the altar. The honeymoon will be in the Indian Ocean, and upon their return, Coco will leave her job as a physiotherapist to work at the family magazine and, eventually, take over the business.

But something is missing, and it’s not until she locks eyes with Lola, her transgressive best friend and a member of royalty, that she realizes she’s not ready.

In the limousine that will take Coco, her father, and Lola to the church, the latter exclaims: “You are not getting married today,” and, with the father’s blessing, they get out to hail a taxi to the airport.

After a long journey and several sleeping pills, Coco wakes up in an aged hotel overlooking the sea. They are in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

There, to avoid being discovered by Minerva, they stop using their credit cards and cell phones, meaning they have to forget they are part of the Spanish jet set and start being two normal girls wearing supermarket clothes.

Coco doubts her decision. She feels bad for her fiancé and her sister, whom she left without any explanation. That is until Oliver, a surfer and local hotel owner, hits her with his surfboard and does everything in his power to earn her forgiveness and win her love. But not everything will be sweet, as Oliver hides a secret with a name, Evelyn, the former yoga instructor at his hotel who has died, apparently from natural causes.

As Coco tries to learn more about Oliver’s past, she will delve into herself to find out who she really is and what she truly wants, before Minerva catches up to her. But it won’t be Minerva who finds her, but Jaime, her fiancé, who after searching all over Costa Rica for her, finds her at the most inopportune moment.


RELEVANT DATA: You Are Not Getting Married Today is a fun romantic comedy with one foot in Spain and the other in Costa Rica. It can be relocated and is ideal for a co-production between Spain and Latin America. With endearing characters, María José Vela gives us a story about second chances and the importance of knowing oneself to find true love. Loreto, the protagonist of Love in Vein, makes a brief appearance as Minerva’s head makeup artist.

María José Vela is Mexican by birth and lives in Madrid. She has a degree in Business Administration and, after years in the finance world, one day decided to leave everything to dedicate herself to writing. She has a Master’s in Literary Creation from the International University of Valencia.


What readers have said:

“You Are Not Getting Married Today is a story full of life, with a plot that spreads and reaches the reader, making them want to enjoy first-hand and discover the Pura Vida of the streets of Costa Rica and its people. The author’s writing is addictive and presents a romantic and fun story that encourages you to pause the world, to find oneself and to feel in the other. A beautiful message that I keep. Highly recommended!” Blog Érase un libro.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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