A lone asasin (Un asesino solitario)

Bullets don’t halt conspiracies.


Jorge Macías is a hitman who lives in northern Mexico; his only companion is a Beretta 92-F, and his only vice is eating Pan Crema cookies with a bottle of Coca-Cola. Nicknamed “The European” due to his atypical work ethic for his profession, Jorge communicates in a specific language: a Spanglish loaded with northern Mexican slang characteristic of the underworld in Culiacán.

One day, Jorge receives a direct assignment from the top ranks of the ruling party: to assassinate their presidential candidate for half a million dollars. Jorge accepts. This is the most important job of his life, and above all, his boss is the money.

A lone assassin recreates the crime that shocked Mexico in 1994: the assassination of Luis Donaldo Colosio. In reality, police reports stated that there was no intellectual author, that the murder had been perpetrated by a “lone assassin.”

Using fiction, Élmer Mendoza recreates one of the events that was a turning point for the country.


RELEVANT DATA: Élmer Mendoza is considered one of the greatest representatives of Mexican literature. The author is also regarded as one of the most interesting voices in the new literature of Latin America, for the type of themes he addresses and how he addresses them, through different language experimentation. He is the author of the “Zurdo” Mendieta Saga, considered the major reference of narcoliterature.

A Lone Assassin was Élmer Mendoza’s first novel, and with it, he inaugurated a new way of narrating crime in Mexico. Mendoza’s work has achieved great success among readers and critics from the beginning of his career, winning awards such as the Tusquets Novel Prize and the José Fuentes Mares National Literature Prize.

What readers have said about the work:

“If there’s one thing Mendoza has mastered, it’s how to write well, concise, precise, selective in his choice of language.” – Goodreads.

“Elmer Mendoza will always be remembered as the author who kicked off the so-called ‘new northern narrative’: the literature of the border where drug dealers and migrants give voice through its pages to a region plagued by institutional violence.” – Goodreads.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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