A crack in the night (Una grieta en la noche)

 Darkness emerges in every corner of the city.

This book of stories gathers six spine-chilling tales, where the darkness of Mexico City, and its polluted periphery, become the perfect setting to usher in terror in all its facets…

In Candles, Macaria is a witch who runs a candle stall at the Sonora Market. Famous throughout the city, she was visited by people from all places and budgets seeking help. After her murder, Romero, a young police officer, requests to be assigned to the case, as he met Macaria twenty years ago, and since their first encounter, nightmares have haunted him at night. That’s why he alone believes he is capable of getting to the bottom of the murder.

In A Crack in the Night, the title story, Susana’s life changes when her uncle moves in with her and her mother after the family business, a fireworks workshop in Tultepec, explodes.

Susana begins to uncover her family history while living with her uncle, who has managed life with a significant physical disability. The family dynamics are affected by his presence, but neither Susana nor her mother will see, until it’s too late, the risks they face.

Twenty-Two Days in Life unfolds in the heart of the city, where an apparent love story turns into pure terror. The trigger is the strange pains, without a logical explanation, that the protagonist suffers every time she stays over at her boyfriend’s.

These are some of the stories contained in this masterful book, which explores themes such as Santería, revenge, witchcraft, and femicides. Not to mention the light coming from different forms of love.



With an effective mix of genres – thriller, horror, and drama – Laura Baeza introduces us to the violence of big cities. A Crack in the Night, acclaimed by critics and readers, has been a finalist for the International Ribera del Duero Prize, a major reference in the short story genre.

Its author, Laura Baeza, is one of the most prestigious young voices in contemporary Mexican literature. The literary magazine W Magazine has rated her as one of the best new authors in the country.

Baeza has also won the National University Floral Games, the Julio National Short Story Award, and the Gerardo Cornejo National Narrative Award.


Critics have said:

“Baeza also turns to the ghostly to describe the haunting, that which left a mark, sign, or trail that can still be perceived.” Langosta Literaria.

“Laura Baeza, in this collection of stories, presents a disturbing style and a particular universe that peeks through in her narration.” Infobae.

“Exploring the edges of family and violence, Laura Baeza’s stories reflect a world in ruins that does not leave the reader unscathed.” El Mundo.

“In the first story, we are enveloped in a torrential rain of words, a colloquial and rapid-fire style that completely knocks you out. If you survive, five other delicious tales await.” La Sexta.

“With experienced and solid writing, precise execution capable of creating the subtlety of small details, Laura Baeza, in her book ‘A Crack in the Night,’ pushes us into a dark world torn by flashes of violence and death, poverty and fractures.” Casual.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Serie TV, Miniserie, Film, TV Movie


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