Under Rome’s Purple Sky Saga (TV Series)

Passion | Treason | Colapse | Challenge | Mafia

Killing or dying. There is no other option.

Kathia Carusso, a young girl from one of the most important families in Italy, returns to Rome after several years in a boarding school. Once there, she re-encounters with Cristianno Gabbana, member of another important lineage in Rome, friends with the Carussos. Cristianno is terribly attractive, impulsive, and seems to only worry about fighting with other gangs and flirting with girls with long legs. When the new school year begins, Kathia and Cristianno will not only share the same classroom, but also the same group of friends.

They are destined to tolerate each other, but they will embark on a stream of resentment and ongoing discussions that will lead to love and passion between them.

When they finally accept those feelings, Kathia witnesses Fabio Gabbana’s murder, Cristianno’s uncle. He is killed by Valentino Bianchi, the son of the to-be mayor of the city, and the man who did not stop flirting and harassing her ever since she arrived.

Kathia finds out the real aim of her father by bringing her back to Rome: he wanted to use her as the key to join their family and the Biachis. She is surrounded by a powerful mob that controls all the influences of the city. And Cristianno is part of it as the heir of the Gabanna empire.

From that moment onwards, a war between both families will break out, in which Kathia and Cristianno will be participating. The story has a very complex and well-constructed plot and a lot of action that involved all the characters in a battle between mobs, with Kathia and Christianno’s love story as leitmotiv.


RELEVANT DATA: Alessandra Neymar is a Spanish writer. The first novel of the saga, Passion, was awarded the ELLAS Romantic Young Adult Award. This is an original bestselling saga that had an impact on thousands of readers in Spain and Latin America.

“I have never read anything better in my life”; “My heart was beating on my throat”; and “A disturbing and captivating story” are just some of the many excellent reviews that Neyma’s saga has received.

Under Rome’s Purple Sky is a saga with a big potential of becoming a TV series. The saga has very well constructed plots and subplots, and also complex characters that will help to make out of it a TV series with several seasons.

AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development as TV Series.


THEMES: Impossible Love, Mob, Teenagers, Death, Kidnapping, Rescue, Complot, Lies, Dislike, Family Secrets, Power Struggle, Obstacles, Friendship, Prostitution, Torture, Family, Pursuit, Re-encounter.

GENRE: Young Adult, Action, Romantic.