Valkiria: Game Over

Welcome to the game that will cost your life.

Unai is a university student who lives on campus. He receives a compromising video in which he is caught making out with a girl who is not his girlfriend. The sender of the video blackmails him. Unai, to avoid being caught by his girlfriend, will have to take part in Valkiria: the macabre game invented by a sadist named Odin who threatens other students with making public their most shameful secrets. Unai, desperate, succeeds in all the missions ordered by Odin. He realises that even though they seemed inoffensive trials, he has actually been involved in a series of murders and crimes.

Trapped in this difficult situation, he will realise that Marta and Rubén, his classmates, were also participants in Valkiria. Marta has committed suicide, and Rubén has gone missing for a while.

Unai finally tells his girlfriend Vega everything and they both begin an investigation to discover Odin’s, the game master’s identity. It happens to be Compu, a friend of Vega who is so consumed with love and obsession for her that he wants to destroy the lives of all the boys she has kissed and all the people around her. The game will gain a frenetic rhythm and Unai, in one of the trials, will shockingly realise that he is about to kill one of the other players. Stunned of what he is able to do, he commits suicide.


RELEVANT DATA: Valkiria was runner-up to Best National Indie Novel. David Lozano is one of the major referents in young adult literature in Spanish- as well as being an experienced scriptwriter-. His work is a critical and commercial success Spain, Mexico, Chile, Peru, and many other Latin-American countries. His books have been highly appraised in Spanish-speaking schools, and his entourage of fans is composed of both young people and adults.

He has been awarded two of the most important young adult awards: Donde surgen las sombras (Where Shadows Emerge) won the Gran Angular Award and is an absolute bestselling work, with over 160.000 copies sold. Lozano has also been awarded the Edebé Award for Desconocidos (Unknown).

The critics have said:

“Valkiria is full of mysteries and intrigues. It’s like watching a movie. David Lozano knows how to keep high doses of tension throughout the novel, and how to keep his audience stuck to its pages. He makes the reader another participant in the story; like if they were characters who also feel like uncovering the real identity of the game master”.– Una lectora salvaje


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, and Polish.


TOPICS: Serial Killer, Blackmail, Threat, Moral Dilemma, Investigation, Identity Theft, Social Media, Technology, Friendship, Love, Fidelity, Secrets, Sex, Game, University Life.

GENRE: Thriller, Horror, Young Adult.


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