Venice Blue (Azul Venezia)

The music conservatory for girls is being pestered by a cruel murderers’ cult.

Venice, 1716. Caterina Sforza, a forensic trainee and daughter of the most prestigious doctor in the city, is a 17-year-old girl with a casual look and incredible beauty. Her life radically changes when she finds the body of a crucified girl on a gondola, surrounded by candles and with her breasts painted in blue. The victim is Angelica, a singer of the most prestigious conservatory in the city. The crime scene is set in the same way as in the painting “The Siren”.

Isabella (“The Siren”) and Angelica are the first victims, but after them there are some more. All of them are young singers from the Ospedale della Pietá, the conservatory for orphans with musical talent where master Antonio Vivaldi teaches. Caterina investigates the hospice to discover the culprit. After the murder of her father, she will meet the Spanish captain Alfonso Guardi, known in the Spanish Court for his deductive skills and for saving King of Spain’s life (Philip V) several times. Together they will try to figure out what or who is behind the mysterious deaths.

As new disappearances occur in the conservatory, Guardi and Caterina discover that there is a group behind the crimes known as “The excellence”. It is formed by three murderers who keep their identities hidden, also between them. They cannot talk or show any part of their body, and they compete to see who can “hunt” more women in exchange for a big amount of money. Every murderer marks his victims with a different color in order to show punctuation.

After a dangerous and complicated investigation, Caterina and Guardi unmask each of the three criminals, who happen to be people close to the victims, to the conservatory, and who belong to the Venetian nobility. Throughout the story, Caterina meets her mother and a love story between Guardi and Caterina will emerge, which will take them to Madrid when there is finally justice for the hunters of “The Excellence”.


RELEVANT DATA: Venice Blue is an original and frenetic thriller, with extraordinary female characters ahead to their times and with a complicated plot, captivating and meticulous until the last detail, set in Venice in 18th Century.

Marina G. Torrús has been a screenwriter for twenty years, this experience has transcended in Venice Blue, as it is very cinematographic.


Strongly acclaimed by critics, they have said:

“A very exciting novel, full of historical details narrated with incredibly simple and easy language. You are unable to stop reading until the mystery is solved. Caterina is a tremendous protagonist, who transmits her strength, and Alfonso has a melancholic aura, together they will overcome their fears” – Me gusta leer.

“Enjoyable. Addictive. You will love it. I recommend it. Good script for cinema”. – Amazon.

“A thriller with music, love, history, revenge, loyalty and especially mystery, all present during the whole novel, even in the unexpected ending. It is a very addictive book that you cannot stop reading”- Babelio.

“Crimes, dreams, magic, dead people looking fot revenge. A good mystery, different to others I’ve read” – Crónicas literarias.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Series TV, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, sample and audiovisual dossier available in English.

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