Crossed lives (Vidas cruzadas)

Two worlds, one destiny

When Bella escaped with her younger siblings from the orphanage, an accident was about to change their lives. They were run over by Sebastián, who, feeling remorseful, took them in and offered them a home. But Bella and Sebastián come from diametrically opposed universes, and living together is not easy.

Sebastián is the heir to a vast fortune, accustomed to being alone and having his way. Bella is fierce, brave like few others, and distrustful. She is willing to do whatever it takes to secure a better future for her siblings.

What starts as a confrontation between two strong and very different personalities evolves into something much deeper, revolutionizing everyone’s life. Indecisive and scared, Bella decides to let a beautiful friend couple adopt her siblings, lowers her defenses, and moves with Sebastián to the magnificent mansion where he grew up. Sebastián vows to expect nothing in return for his altruistic acts and does everything possible not to continue falling hopelessly in love with Bella.

For her part, Bella will fight internally to heal the wounds of her past, overcome her fears, and embrace a future alongside Sebastián. Eventually, both will give in to their feelings and start a relationship that grows into an engagement.

However, Sebastián’s company’s board sees Bella as a risk. It’s unacceptable for their president to be involved with a street girl. So they decide to make Sebastián believe that Bella has worked as a prostitute and continues to do so.

Sebastián falls into the trap and, heartbroken, confronts Bella, throwing her out of the house. Deprived of the wedding she hoped for, expelled from university, and without contact with her siblings or Sebastián, Bella is shattered inside. She finds herself back on the street, more broken than ever, and her health rapidly deteriorates.

The truth comes to light when Bella’s brother reveals the plot, exposing his sister’s complete innocence. Desperate to find her, Sebastián hires private investigators, who discover Bella on the brink of death. Will Sebastián be able to save her and maintain their relationship?


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Crossed Lives explores human emotions through an intimate and emotional story. The plot envelops us in an emotional journey, with unexpected twists and full of surprises, where redemption and human connection intertwine in unpredictable ways.

Ana Coello, a Mexican romance novelist, has been writing since she was eleven and has carved out an overwhelming success through social media. She has currently published several books for Nova Casa Editorial, finding international success.

The critics have said:

“Once again an impressive story of love, revenge, and despair, of sibling unity and overcoming despite being orphans, definitely as I always define it, a roller coaster of emotions that managed to tear me to tears of sadness.” Goodreads.

“I love this story, like all of Ana Coello’s, sweet, intense, sad, joyful, it has everything, recommended 1,000% excellent book.” Amazon. “This novel is completely intense, full of passion and with erotic scenes. The author has an innate talent for writing and conveying emotions through her stories.” Babelio.

AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.



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