Viento del sur (Film)


Victoria has just finished a troublesome relationship with a woman and she decides to leave Paris and return to her native Spain. She arrives in Palomares, a small town in Almería, and there she is employed as a substitute teacher. Everyone is very welcoming there and Victoria focuses her attention on Maria, who, shortly after, becomes her new best friend.

Something unexpected happens, on January of 1966, two American planes collide and their remains, along with 4 hydrogen bombs that they carried, fall on the outskirts of the town. The new gossip leaves Victoria´s backgrounded and she takes the opportunity to enjoy her friendship with Maria.

One day, carried away by the desire, Victoria kisses her friend. Although Maria does not want to have a romance with her at first, soon after, they begin a new and exciting relationship. Nevertheless, hearsay and people from their past will threaten their relationship.


RELEVANTES FACTS: Among other awards, Juan Carlos Rubio has won the SGAE Theater Award 2005 and the honorary mention of Lope de Vega Theater 2013. He has also been a candidate for Goya 2009 in the category of best original screenplay and won the silver screen for the best screenplay at the Festival Málaga Cine Español in 2010.




THEMES: Friendship; Forbidden love; Sexuality; Homosexuality; History; 60s

GENRE: Drama, Romance