What Lives Inside (Lo que habita dentro)

You deal with the monster, or the monster will deal with you.

October 1987, San Petri, Costa de la Muerte (Galicia, Spain). It’s the night of the Samhain (All Saints’ Eve) and six children, eager for adventure, come up with the idea of entering the abandoned house of Camelle, a house that hides a dark secret from when, a long time ago, some tragic events took place. The children find a well with something which seems to move towards the bottom. Something that will never leave them alone again. There is a light bulb in the well that should have never worked and two of the children disappear.

One, two and three, I will get thee…

The nights become a struggle to survive the visions, the scratches in the wardrobe and the sounds under the bed. In October 2016, those children are already grown-ups. For thirty years they have suffered the nightmares that won’t let them forget about that night. Now that they are adults they think they can face it. The Camelle house is under construction, and someone has opened the well again. The messages and the visions of ghostly children haunt them more and more intensely. Together, they will have to fight against that thing, and try and put it back in the well.

He is back.

Bunny, the cruel…


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Malenka Ramos is a Spanish writer and business woman born in Asturias. She started writing mystery, horror and psychological thrillers from a very young age. She became famous after publishing a novel on the internet, which was later published in paper, as it had over a million readers.

Ramos has been named the Spanish Stephen King owing to this story. Malenka Ramos’ story has all the ingredients to become a terrifying horror story, and she does it in the most original and visual way.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish and English.

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