When you Broke my Heart (Lo que sucedió cuando me rompiste el corazón)

A broken heart can still beat stronger than ever.

Those romantic comedies when clumsy girl meets love of her life, they fall in love, and live happily ever after… When you broke my heart is the story of what happens after the relationship, when the magic is over and prince charming turns out to be a frog.

Mia has just broken up with Alex, her boyfriend and best friend for years, because he cheated on her with a famous actress. She is fired from a job that made her miserable but earned her a living. At thirty-four, everything that was stable in her life collapses.

The story is divided into five parts, that represent the stages after the breakup (denial, anger, negotiation, depression, acceptance).  Mixing drama and humor, the core of the story is the reconstruction of oneself, when after a big change in life such as a breakup or the loss of a job, it is possible to go on, to change, without renouncing to be oneself.

Mia talks about her internal process, describing it in drafts on her email, as part of the exercises her therapist asks her to do. Though these emails are never sent, we learn about the ex, and the relationship they had.

Mia goes on a deep journey and discovers herself thanks to her friends, who help her to leave all her sadness behind. One of these friends is Miguel, whose heart is also broken and pushes Mia to try new experiences. He has vitality and his way of seeing life makes her realize she is much more than she thinks. There is also Shed, Lola or Astrid, very different characters who save Mia in different ways.

Mia is a very special protagonist, very relatable, a complex woman with problems, who suffers, and gets distracted, but also who manages to rebuild herself and come out stronger. Her humor and her self-criticism are hilarious. More than a love story, this is a story about strength, bravery, dreams, overcoming, and vitality.


RELEVANT DATA: Rocío Carmona is a writer and editor. She is also the lead singer of the band Nikosia.

She was awarded with the Jaén Award for Young Adult Narrative. She specializes in young and romantic novels. Her work has been translated into eight languages.


What the critics have said:

“A story that teaches us, step by step, that even a broken heart can keep on going with bravery and will power”. Lacrimenelbuio.blogspot.com


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Series, Film, TV Movie, Miniserie.


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