With Pedigree Saga (Saga Con pedigree)

With Pedigree | Double-Edged Feathers | The Triads Mansion

A thousand ways to experience relationships between women.

A group of women meet in an ambient bar in Barcelona called Gay Night, one of the first lesbian nightclubs in the city. The group is made up of Adelaida, the renowned and mysterious writer who is not as happy as the protagonists of her novels; Remei, who escaped from her small native village with dreams of becoming a film director; Tea de Santos, the journalist, Adelaida’s best friend, and who defines herself as “very straight”; Nati and her two friends, who are looking for a new girl to hook up with every night; and the three owners of the bar, among them Karina, who hides an unconfessed secret.

This group of women star in numerous wild nights at the bar. They will also, alongside Inspector Garcia, a new member of their group, investigate who has killed the president of the Rainbow Coalition. They will even live out their lives in a rural cottage for women, full of love, heartbreak, fun, business, and mystery.


RELEVANT DATA: With Pedigree (Con pedigree) is a classic of Spanish lesbian literature that, after fifteen years, continues to be the best-selling and most acclaimed lesbian novel in Spain and Latin America. This saga with a “soap opera” feel is characterized by its agile and intelligent style, combining humor, satire, irony, and parody in a universe where the protagonists are a group of women, each one more unique than the next. In the last installment of the trilogy, The Triads Mansion (La mansión de las tríbadas), the plot is intermingled with touches of mystery and thriller, although with the same comic and fresh tone that characterizes the trilogy.

Isabel Franc, otherwise known as Lola Van Guardia, is a Spanish writer famous for writing about the world of female homosexuality. Her first novel was a finalist for the Sonrisa Vertical Award, and she has won the Shangay Award for Best Novel of the Year, the Jennifer Quiles Award, the Arena Foundation Award for GLBTQ Narrative and the Terenci Moix Award for LGBT Literature.


What the critics have said:

“She writes with equal parts sarcasm and tenderness about beings that could inhabit a Woody Allen movie, despite having one foot in an Almodóvar film.” El País

“Lola Van Guardia’s trilogy offers a whole world of characters that elaborate a diverse and valuable frame of reference for the thousand ways to experience relationships between women. Elina Norandi


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, French, Italian.

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