Isabel Franc (Lola Van Guardia)

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Isabel Franc, also known as Lola Van Guardia, is a Spanish writer. Her novels are characterized by humor and are generally focused on female homosexuality. She has a degree in Education, specialized in Spanish and modern languages. She has also given lectures and writing courses and has been a guest lecturer at several U.S. universities. She is currently a professor at the Writing School of the Ateneu Barcelonès in Barcelona, where she teaches courses in writing and humorous literature, among others.



Isabel Franc’s first novel was already a finalist for the La Sonrisa Vertical Award, and she has won the Shangay Award for Best Novel of the Year, the Jennifer Quiles Award, the Arena Foundation Award for LBTQ Narrative and the Terenci Moix Award for LGTB Literature. She is the author of the acclaimed trilogy Con Pedigree, considered a classic of Spanish lesbian literature which, fifteen years later, is still the best-selling and most acclaimed lesbian novel in Spain and Latin America.

“She writes with equal parts sarcasm and tenderness about people who could wander through a Woody Allen film despite always keeping a toe in an Almodovar movie.” El País