An Original 10-episode Podcast/Audioseries published by Storytel

Murders in Madrid’s casinos.

Wonderland is a luxury complex located in Madrid. It is a place full of casinos and neon lights where excess and wealth are the order of the day. The apparent calm and unfazed security that surrounds Wonderland is disturbed when two young people, after a weekend of debauchery, are found murdered in the complex.

These murders give rise to an investigation that will radically clash with the interests of the Wonderland corporation itself and its promoters, led by the all-powerful tycoon Anne Dronning, who will do everything in her power, and more, to hide what happened and avoid a scandal.

Inspectors Espinosa and Bastida will be in charge of the case. Espinosa, who returns to the force after eight years on leave due to depression, and Bastida, who is assigned to Madrid after a serious disciplinary problem during her last assignment, make up a talented pair of investigators with very different personalities who get along well.

The investigation will uncover the most putrid aspects of Wonderland, such as corruption involving high-ranking members of the justice system, a murky web of personal and economic interests, human trafficking and the emergence of an exotic drug that is wreaking havoc.


RELEVANT DATA: After having written other originals on the Storytel platform, one of the leading platforms for podcasts and audio books in Europe, Benito Olmo unravels a story of corruption and spectacular plots not far from reality. Wonderland has been the most listened podcast in its year of publication within the genre. The author is in the process of writing and producing a second season.

Benito Olmos is a writer known for his detective and crime novels. He is a screenwriter and author of several audioseries. Throughout his career, his works have been finalists for awards such as the Santa Cruz Award, the Negra y Mortal Award, the Cartagena Negra Award and the Tormo Negro-Masfarné Award.


What the critics have said:

“Benito Olmo is a writer of crime novels who in 2021 published Wonderland, a criminal intrigue set in a parody of the frustrated Eurovegas.” El País

“Benito accurately depicts the most plausible scenario that would have been reached when building the luxury macro-complex in Spain”. Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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