And Rapunzel cut off her hair (Y Rapunzel se cortó la melena)

Who said princesses need to be rescued?

Every day, at ten in the morning, the creatures of the forest steer clear of Rapunzel’s tower. At that time, without exception, the princess screams for help. She wants a prince to rescue her from her confinement.

The sorceress who kidnapped her as a child convinces her that she is too weak to live outside the tower, and since all the stories she reads talk about young damsels in need of a handsome man to save them, Rapunzel believes her.

In reality, the sorceress only wants her magic, for when Rapunzel sings, she becomes younger.

One day, Rapunzel gets the idea to use her hair to descend from the tower and explore the surroundings, while she waits for her Prince Charming. But, as he never arrives, she decides to go after him herself.

In her search, Rapunzel will meet the protagonists of some of the most popular fairy tales. Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Cinderella are astonished when Rapunzel tells them that she has decided to go out and find her knight herself. With the help of the intrepid princess, they all decide to save themselves without the aid of any man.

As she explores the world, Rapunzel will discover how to rid herself of the sorceress, who intends to capture her again. And, most importantly, she will learn that, if she ever finds her Prince Charming, great. And if not, that’s fine too.


RELEVANT DATA: And Rapunzel Cut Her Hair is an inspiring retelling of the famous folk story. This time, the princess demonstrates that no girl needs a Prince Charming to be happy. The work, which already counts eight editions, was a finalist for the Edebé Award for Children’s Literature. Amélia Mora, its writer, is a successful screenwriter and author specialized in youth and children’s literature.


What critics have said:

“The author takes a radical turn and transforms the princesses obsessed with Prince Charming into modern women, with drive and, above all, independence.” – What to Read Extra.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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