You Seek Love, I Seek Reception (Tú buscas amor y yo cobertura)

The exciting love life of an actor via his cellphone.

Nen is a cellphone owned by Capo. They travel to Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Beverly Hills over the course of a few months before Nen runs out of battery for good. Nen is the narrator Capo´s story: a romantic, tender and hilarious, yet melancholic, adventure.  Capo, an actor on a very successful TV show and at the apex of his fame. However, this fame and fortune does not suffice and he goes through an existential crisis. Because of this, he decides to abandon his fortunate life after a fall out with his makeup artist and sets out to discover what it is he truly wants for himself.

An unusual and intelligent point of view from the narrator of the story – a cellphone. The phone reflects on trending topics like fame, love, money, sex, friendship and family, but also tackles issues such as obsolescence and privacy. Nen taps in to his owner´s life and, most importantly, interferes with his love life, going so far as to attempt to re-kindle Capo´s love for his ex-girlfriend.

To do so, the phone uses its technology to play tricks on its owner, like for example, sending him fake emails, reminders and notifications with memories of him and his ex, all in hopes that this will bring them back together. The plot is intertwined with Nen´s reflections on how humans use cellphones and his  imminent ¨death¨ or obsolescense, all with a very endearing tone.


RELEVANT DATA: Feature debut of an author with much experience as a screenwriter and actor, espcially in comedy. This novel was published in 2019 and its sales were stellar. So much so, that its publishers had to reprint it in its second to re-stock bookstores.


What the critics have said:

“Bruno Oro´s narrative debut. An original, fun and exciting novel.” Qué Leer


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese.

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