Subgénero: Futuristic

  • Edipo Torero

    In 2030, Spain is in a political atmosphere in which the animal rights activism has been incorporated into the penal code. As a consequence, Jacinto, also … Read more

  • The Author of “Las meninas”

     Revolution is pounding at the gates! There is no money for pensions, expired food is sold in the supermarkets, free medical assistance is over, and even … Read more

  • Prometheus 3030

    What do a scientist, a caveman and Miss Fried Chicken do in a spaceship? Nothing less than finding a way back to Earth. Prometheus 3030 tells … Read more

  • Reset

    There is a clandestine group of people whose mission is to rescue people who have fallen into the hands of destructive cults to give them back … Read more

  • Life before March

    Two strangers on a train of the future Life Before March narrates the meeting of two strangers in a train with 2,000 carriages that goes from … Read more

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