Subgénero: War

  • After the Bay of Pigs

      The untold story of the negotiations that led to the release of the prisoners of war in the Bay of Pigs in 1962  After the unsuccessful … Read more

  • The Blue Overall

    During the Spanish Civil War, four militia women are isolated, all alone and lost when going behind the fascist lines. They know they are close so … Read more

  • Slaughterhouse 36/39

    Slaughterhouse 36/39 tells of the terrible situations that millions of citizens, especially women, were subjected to during the Spanish Civil War. This work is composed of … Read more

  • The Brigade

    During the Spanish Civil War – from 1936 to 1939 – there were volunteer soldiers from different countries. Among all these volunteers, there was one brigade formed by … Read more

  • The Guilty Beast

    As a result of a reality show, a group of SEALS discover a man who is Hitler’s clone and is convinced of having been alive in … Read more

  • My Gloria

    ¿Can you escape from the past? When Jose Centella is about to die, he tells the story of his life to a friend. His story begins after … Read more

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