Jorge Comensal

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Jorge Comensal is a Mexican essayist and storyteller who studied Hispanic Language and Literature at The National Autonomous University of Mexico and later pursued a postgraduate degree in Philosophy of Science. He has been a member of the Foundation for Mexican Literature and has also been a member of the National Fund for Culture and Arts. Currently, he works as an editor for Tierra Adentro, Vice, Letras Libres, Variopinto and the magazine of the University of Mexico.


Jorge Comensal stands out in the publishing world for his grounded stories and his complex and vulnerable characters. His novels, published in several languages, are inspired by modern world issues, and are characterized by their deepness, ingeniousness and touching plots.

Comensal is a writer but also the editor of the Anthology of new poetry in the Spanish language and the environmental advisor of “Este País”.

They critics have said:

“Sharp, hilarious, yet sensitive” Guadalupe Nett, author. 

“Jorge Comensal has created a world both absurd and hilarious, yet one that also touches on our darkest emotions” Daniel Saldaña París, author. 

“Jorge Comensal, oscillates masterfully between comedy and tragedy, gathering in its pages a stupendous array of characters before whom the reader does not know for sure whether to pitifully smile or smilingly pity” Fernando Aramburu, author.