Magic and death come together at Hotel Delirio.


Renata is a woman capable of foreseeing the future since she was a child. In one of these premonitions, she witnesses the brutal murder of a person she can’t identify, but she does recognize the place, the Hotel Delirio. The enigmatic property belongs to Juanjo, her friend and literature professor at the university whom she hasn’t seen in years. Each room is made in the likeness of his mind: decorated with paintings of David Bowie, vintage style, and surrounded by art and tranquility. Apparently, it doesn’t seem that a violent crime will take place there.

Alerted by the danger her friend faces, Renata travels to Guanajuato to prevent the murder, risking her marriage and reputation. There, she finds who is really in danger, Kika, her friend and former roommate during university. A transgender woman whom Juanjo hides to prevent the hitmen sent by her lover, a married and influential Mexican politician, from ending her life.

The man seeks to avoid a scandal and recover the money Kika stole to escape and start a new life.

Renata does everything possible to prevent the murder, but in a twist of fate, she cannot save her friend. The case sparks media sensationalism among the population.



Just a few weeks after its publication, the novel became a success among noir readers.

It is recommended by the newspaper El País as one of the best noir novels of 2022. Currently, the novel is in its third edition.

The story nods to the films of Pedro Almodóvar and David Bowie, marked by the dark tone of hardboiled thriller, magical realism, and social criticism of political corruption, prejudices, and violence suffered by women and the LGBTQ+ community in Mexico.

What readers say:

“The character of Kika is a marvel. I think it is very important to make visible the people who were not born with the gender that corresponds to them.” -Goodreads

“I loved immersing myself in the beautiful city of Guanajuato and the rot that dwells among the political and police classes.” -Goodreads


POTENTIAL AUDIOVISUAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Film.


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