Police Officer Tomáš Volf Series (Policista Tomáš Volf série)

Time-Barred | Noonday Witch | Combustion | Vanishing | Finding.

Not being afraid to face danger and solve even the most secret crimes.


Time-barred: in the remote village of Pasečky in the Sudetenland, detective Tomáš Volf investigates two murders from 1991 he came across in the police archive. Both cases should have been time-barred by now. Directly involved in the investigations back in 1991 was a former official from the Ministry of the Interior, a swindler, who later became the Minister of the Interior, Ondřej Novotný. However, some documents are missing from the case file that Novotný handled. Volf confronts Novotný, who gradually reveals details of the investigation of the cross-border Pasečky case, involving Austrian police officer Helge Prohazka. During a night-time visit, Helge confesses to Novotný that he took revenge and killed two elderly men. They were responsible for his mother, whom one of them had taken into the woods the night before the expulsion of the Germans from Sudetenland. He explains how he waited for the opportunity until the Velvet revolution, then in 1991, searched for the victims and murdered them.

Noonday Witch: Detectives Volf and Eva Černá search for the serial killer who strikes in broad day in a housing estate, earning him the nickname “Noonday Witch”. A thirteen-year-old girl manages to escape and provides them with a description – unkempt, smelly, resembling a homeless person. Volf also realizes that all the victims had exceptionally long hair. They plan a decoy with Eva wearing a long wig. It works. The “Noonday Witch” attacks Eva but he’s strong, they end up on the floor and he runs away. Thanks to Eva’s description, however, people from the housing estate recognize the local oddball, Petr, who lives alone with his mother.

The story intertwines with the narrative of Marta, Petr’s mother. Growing up in an orphanage, how she was mocked and taken advantage of for being slow due to her mental illness. Dan, one of her colleagues at the factory, stood up for her, they fell in love and Marta moved in with him. However, Dan began to drink, they had a son, and Dan soon started to physically attack both her and the child. A neighbour saved her only to end up sexually abusing her while Petr hid in the bedroom closet. Marta watches the news. They show a portrait of the “Noonday Witch” is shown. She recognizes Peter and fears for him. She has to save him.

Occasionally, the inner monologue of the murderer, Petr, appears in the story. He watches women from his hiding place, commenting on their appearance and admiring their hair. He is primitive, he would like to touch them, to bring a women home.

Combustion: young investigator Tomáš Volf examines the causes of a tragic accident: the burning to death of an alcoholic and aging prostitute, Semerádová. He comes across a similar older case in which a young girl was convicted of murdering her grandfather burned in a similar manner.

Tomáš consults a combustion expert, and together they realize that based on the burning time, the main suspect, the deceased prostitute’s customer who had been with her several hours before her death, could not have been the murderer. Shockingly, Veronika could not have killed her grandfather either. Tomáš has now to solve the first case, help Veronika be free and find who murdered her grandfather.

Vanishing: Tomáš Volf handles the most shocking case of his career. On the anniversary of Hitler’s birthday, several adults and an infant are found dead on an abandoned farm. Is it a crime with racist undertones or an attempt to create a false lead?

An Audi was seen leaving the scene shortly after the time of death and Tomáš see it on the highway camera footage heading in the direction of the farm some time before the murders. They discover a trail from the farm to the Horousice car dealer owned by Navrátil.

A raid is conducted, and both Navrátil and the driver from the Audi, Radovan Kuba, are detained. Kuba eventually confesses during questioning that he committed the murders on Navrátil’s orders. Kuba explains that the Romani, who lived on the farm and burned to death were guarding the children from poor parents Navrátil was selling abroad.

Finding: in Tomáš Volf’s hometown of “Svínov”, a girl named Eliška disappears, and her little brother is killed. In the office of private investigator Eva Černá, who specializes in missing children, the desperate father of the missing Eliška appears. Tomáš recalls similar case from 2007 when his classmate Lucie vanished, and he and his friends found her naked body in a quarry where they used to go swimming. In a desperate search to save Eliška Tomáš reexamine the 2007 murder case. The detectives back in 2007 conducted a DNA test and soon after arrested the suspect, a local drifter and bartender at a bistro near the lake named Džoržín. The DNA contained traces of the hereditary Huntington’s disease.

Tomáš, together with his colleague Eva, returns to the quarry where he found Lucie’s body. They realize the nearby cottage that was supposed to be empty has an old underground cellar. Tomáš calls for a SWAT team but Eva does not want to wait. She finds Eliška but the kidnapper locks her in. Tomáš will now have to save Eva and Eliška.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The “Police officer Tomáš Volf series” by the renowned author Jiří Březina is a detective series full of suspense set in contemporary Czech Republic. Each installment of the series is a standalone story, but characters and events intertwine, offering readers a view into the life of the main hero from various angles. The series will draw you into a world of crime, suspense, and mystery. Be prepared for unexpected twists and an emotional ride that this series offers. Databazeknih

Author Jiří Březina is the holder of two Jiří Marek Awards for the Best Czech Detective Novel. His books have been translated into Polish. They are appreciated for their original plots, the authenticity of the narrative, and his skillful play with reader’s expectations, which often results in unexpected twists and turns. Albatrosmedia

What the critics and readers have said about the saga:

“Author Jiří Březina excels in escalating tension and shifting various emotions, making his books a fascinating read for fans of detective and crime stories.” Databazeknih

“It was readable, it had pace, and the dialogues were coherent. The ending was surprising. I will definitely continue with the series.” Databazeknih

“Now all that’s left is for his books to be adapted into films and I will be completely satisfied. Bravo, author!” Cbdb


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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