Terrors are approaching (To přichází děsy)

For some secrets are too dark even for this world.


The body of a young man named Marek is found at a construction site in the winter of 2017. An experienced investigator, Captain Šenkýř, takes over the case. Meanwhile, his nephew Tomáš moves in with him while his mother travels abroad.

Captain Šenkýř is also investigating a 2018 case of another murdered young man, Sebastian, and the disappearance of Klára his girlfriend. He must determine who is behind these two murders and if where there is a link between the three cases.

Back in 2018 the brothers Jáchym and Bartoloměj where grappling with their parent’s infidelity, while Bartoloměj also struggled with his own infidelity. After Sebastian found out that Bartoloměj was cheating on his girlfriend, Bartoloměj becomes desperate to make sure he kept his secret. He follows him into the Všerady woods to talk about it. Things go south and Bartoloměj pushes Sebastian causing him to fatally hit his head on a stump. That same night, Sebastian was planning to elope with his beloved Klára using money stolen from his father in the pursuit of a better life. Klára had initially intended to flee alone with the money with the help of their friend Gustav, but she ends up falling for Sebastian leaving Gustav without his promised share. Klara goes missing.

Back in 1996, a young schoolboy named Simon Haspekl becomes a victim of harsh bullying following his father’s suicide. In retaliation Simon, along with Tomáš’s father, Captain Šenkýř’s brother-in-law, commit a grievous act. They subsequently sever ties.

Captain Šenkýř’s brother-in-law passes away and Tomáš finds out about what he did in the Všerady woods. Only one other person knows about this, and that place ends up being the same place where Gustav has been abusing the missing Klára.

When the several timelines finally intersect, you’ll want to be there… Or rather not?!


RELEVANT DATA: This haunting crime thriller by contemporary young adult fiction author Aleš Novotný delves into a wide palette of hardships people can go through. It grapples with murders, suicides, shocking bullying, kidnapping of innocent children, and the effects of psychological and physical abuse assuring one is far from bored. The author of nine books, Aleš Novotný is credited for a bestselling collection of short stories and has recently published two audiobooks, Think About the Death and I, Death. Aleš Novotný focuses on young adult, thriller, and crime genres.

What the critics and readers have said:

“A book full of horror and secrets…” Cbdb

“Please, someone make it into a movie or a miniseries, I saw the scenes directly when reading it. […] It reads completely by itself.” Cbdb

“Masterful! […] The story is full of oppressive moments, overall, it is quite dark, and the plot is precisely entwined, and most importantly it tests the reader’s nerves […]. There were places in the book when the oppressive atmosphere literally pumped adrenaline into my veins.” Denisa Šimíčková


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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