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  • A Lupita le gustaba planchar (Serie TV)

    Sobrevivir será su misión. Lupita es una policía mexicana a la que le gusta planchar, tejer, bordar y bailar, cosas cotidianas que la mantienen arraigada a … Read more

  • Picasso, my grandfather. (Picasso, mi abuelo).

    The lights and shadows of a genius.    PITCH: Pablo Picasso is one of the best known and most successful figures of the 20th Century. However, … Read more

  • Augustin Zimmermann

    Prague 1960s. Augustin Zimmermann, the main protagonist of this novel represents an almost archetypal model of an unhappy person. While the world around him is productive … Read more

  • Rey

    Based on the true story of a boy who runs away from home and is adopted by a pack of stray dogs.     Based on … Read more

  • With Pedigree Saga (Saga Con pedigree)

    With Pedigree | Double-Edged Feathers | The Triads Mansion   A thousand ways to experience relationships between women.     A group of women meet in … Read more

  • The Desert and it’s Seed (El desierto y su semilla) — (TV Series)

    What does the skin hide?   A cab ride to the hospital: Eligia's face is disintegrating from the acid thrown at her by her ex-husband while … Read more

  • Your Friends Would Never Hurt You (Tus amigos nunca te harían daño) (Film)

    Do you know who your real friends are? Do you show yourself as you truly are? Mario meets with his friends for one last time. The … Read more

  • Uncle Bill

    A pop culture icon's time in Mexico.   The 40s. Famous writer William S. Burroughs (Bill) began his career as one of the most mythical and … Read more

  • Miss Vodka (Señorita vodka)

    The portrayal of life when true love is impossible and sex is no longer pleasurable.     Stripper by her own choosing, Miss Vodka performs at … Read more

  • The Wrong Path (El mal camino)

    What appears (and disappears) along the way can change your life forever.       Chucks Basil is an old, washed-up and problematic rock star. He … Read more

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