Etiqueta: Competition

  • CAR Saga (Saga CAR)

      I want to live out loud | And love you in stereo Sports, rivalry, love and lots of secrets.   Andrés and Arturo Claramunt are … Read more

  • The Elites’ Game (El juego de las élites)

    The Elites’ Game | The Elites’ Sentence | The Elites’ Birth What’s the price you’re willing to pay  to be part of the elite?   Bernardo … Read more

  • What happened to Patricia Lukastic? (TV Series)

    Pressure can either create diamonds or burst pipes.   Patricia Lukastic is a young Argentinean tennis player; one of the most promising tennis players in the … Read more

  • Serafín, the Writer, and the Witch (Serafín, el escritor y la bruja)

    A star will guide them towards each other.   Serafín is the new kid at school and because of this, he doesn´t have very many friends. … Read more

  • Olympus Saga I: Flower and Death (Saga Olympus I: La flor y la muerte)

    Are you willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING for Olympus?     Mars, 2628. Thirteen factions (based upon the thirteen functions of the ancient olympic gods) divide the societies within … Read more

  • The Multicosmos Saga

    Pixelated virtual adventures | Trapped with no Wi-Fi | The drones rebellion| Mess in the time-space Have you ever been so hooked by a videogame that … Read more

  • How to Succeed on the Internet in 7 Days (Cómo triunfar en internet en 7 días)

     Can you imagine becoming the most famous youtuber by accident? David is a 13 years old boy. One day, he decides to compete with his sister … Read more

  • Who Wants to Be a Detective?

    An invitation to solve the great enigma. Ruy accidentally finds a note in which five boys from the city will be selected to take part in … Read more

  • Fragile – Frágil (TV Format)

    Some contestants duel with each other to take some fragile objects from one place to another. The only condition is that those objects must be kept … Read more

  • River of Angels

    A city divided by a river. The population separated by their ethnic origins. One bridge as the rallying point. The Rios are an established local family … Read more

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