Penkse Report (Informe Penkse)

An absolute delirium, such as office life.


Jaime Rubio is an almost exemplary worker. In the mornings, he is only 15 minutes late, he knows some of his colleagues, and sometimes he responds to their emails. Despite his laziness, he aspires to advance in his career.

Therefore, he decides to apply for a demanding and delirious selection process at another company: he manages to pass a bloody group test and an interview with a (real) cat, but he resists completing the final phase to get the position.

The test consists of writing the Penkse report. But not even Jaime is sure of what it entails and has been postponing its delivery for a year due to countless unforeseen events.

His current bosses constantly demand him for absurd tasks: work meetings last for months and trips are so far away that they require sherpas. But most of all, it’s his lack of motivation what prevents him from progressing.

Jaime ends up entangled in an endless series of absurd tasks required by his current position and the new selection process, which ultimately turn out to be the same when he discovers that the new company has acquired the former, and therefore, he will keep exactly the same position, with the same colleagues, and in the same place, but now with less seniority for having left.



Jaime Rubio is the alter ego of the author, Rubio Hancock, who has written three novels and an essay about society with absurd humour and a philosophical tone. Additionally, he is also a contributor to El País, where he writes humorous articles.

The novel draws from the humour of authors and comedians such as Miguel Gila and Eduardo Mendoza to convey that, as the author himself says, laziness indicates that you are not happy in your job.

What readers are saying:

“Jaime Rubio’s humour is so bold that you can’t stop smiling.” -Goodreads

“It also works as a sharp critique because, after all, not everything he tells is that far from what happens or could happen in many jobs.” -Goodreads

“Kafkaesque tones, pure El Mundo Today style, and an acerbic humour loaded with criticism towards the absurdity of corporatism and its ridiculous dynamics and servitudes.” -Goodreads

“Camera Café, various other office comedies, and Hal 9000 come together in a fresh, fun, and light novel.” -Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Film.


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