Etiqueta: Couples

  • Whisper in a Storm (Šepot v bouři)

  • Rumors (Zvěsti)

  • Turmoil

    Alejandro is an orchestra conductor who lives exclusively for music and women. He lives with Lucía, who quit her career as an opera singer to become … Read more

  • How are you, dear?

    The story begins from a scientific theory that says that at the moment of death, the neurons open all the memory archives trying to find an … Read more

  • And now what?

    The main character is a solvent middle-aged man who loves women, nice cars and parties. One day, he meets a fascinating woman that will change his … Read more

  • Morning Transit

    This is the story of a couple that meet on a bridge, one step away from suicide. After this encounter, they fall in love with each … Read more

  • Let’s live today

    In a medical checkup, a middle-aged woman is diagnosed with a brain tumor and only two months to live. Her husband, who had been distanced for … Read more

  • Dinner for two

    Berta is a free woman who invites two friends of hers to a romantic dinner. Both friends have their own insecurities: Emi has just discovered that … Read more

  • Tuxedo (part 1 & 2)

    Arturo is a mature, gallant man capable of winning the heart of up to four women at the same time. Married to Laura, he has no … Read more

  • The first in class

    One summer night, Olga shows up unexpectedly at Anna’s house, a former school mate, seeking for help. Olga, whose husband  Enric is cheating on her, also … Read more

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