Etiqueta: Double identity

  • Trilogía Secretos y papeles

    Carolina entre líneas / Vanesa entre líos / Armando entre faldas El amor se esconde donde menos te lo esperas. Carolina, una joven amante de la … Read more

  • Brown (Marrón) (TV Series)

     The search for identity when everything tells you you’re in the wrong place.   Rocío Quillahuaman was born in Lima, Peru, and at the age of … Read more

  • Between Dreams (Entre los sueños)

    A marriage, a desolate place, and a scientific discovery interrupted by an unknown threat.         Sonia and Juan are two recently married physicists who … Read more

  • The Olympus Saga II: The Sun and the Lie (Saga Olympus II: El sol y la mentira)

    Play with fire, you might get burned.  Mars, 2634. Six years have passed since "the rebels", Ilion, Ianthe, Minna and Armand, decided to escape from Mars and from the clutches of Olympus.  At this time, Armand is the only one willing to return to the society, but on account of one single mission: to be as useful as possible to the rebels, spying and collecting crucial  information to overthrow the current corrupt government. And he has decided that the best way to do so is to be as close to power as possible.   In order to carry out this operation, Armand becomes a fashion designer in the Aphrodite faction. This way, he is able to be closer to Zeus' headquarters. Here, Armand is sure that he will be able to obtain the necessary information to take down Olympus, and he is willing to manipulate and deceive anyone in his way in order to do so.   … Read more

  • Clara Lyndon’s Silence (El silencio de Clara Lyndon) — (TV Series)

     Her talent allowed her to lead the life she wanted. A lover and a secret changed her destiny forever. Clara Lyndon is an elderly woman living … Read more

  • Behind The Mask (Bajo la máscara)

    They will try to protect the city and, while they’re at it, get the number of the girl of their dreams.   The Zombie, tall and … Read more

  • The Second Revolution Saga III: Free, Equal, Just (Libres, iguales justos)

      Will the Second Revolution end the regime of terror of the Dominance Family once and for all?   Now that everybody knows that Zaaren is … Read more

  • The Second Revolution Saga II: Them and Us (Ellos y nosotros)

    Only a few are ready for what is about to happen.   After spending the summer at the Koru Islands with Kózel, Lórim, to Denna’s annoyance, … Read more

  • Crimson Moon

    One of the most disturbing chapters of the American psyche. A woman's fall down the side of a cliff has left her struggling for every breath; … Read more

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