Etiqueta: Facing Failure

  • Una grieta en la noche

      La oscuridad emerge en cada rincón de la ciudad. Este libro de cuentos reúne seis historias de corte espeluznante, donde la oscuridad de la Ciudad … Read more

  • The Adventures of Joselito: The Little Nightingale (Las aventuras de Joselito: El pequeño ruiseñor)

    The most important child star of Spanish music and cinema.     José Jiménez Fernández, known to the public as Joselito or “The boy with the … Read more

  • My Right-Hand Brother (Mi hermano derecha)

    Success does not come to those who have the best hand, but to those who know how to play well with the hand they have been … Read more

  • The feeling of danger

    A motionless shadow projected on a wall in the middle of a forest. That’s what the film received by professor Martin Torres shows. The sender, young … Read more

  • Latest Edition

    Power struggle against corruption Due to lack of readers and the decline of the newspapers’ sales, a headcount reduction plan has just been carried out in … Read more

  • The man in the Taj-Mahal

    A man over fifty looks back on his life seeking clues to explain his present. He talks about his father, a merchant who cheated on his … Read more

  • The Generals’ dinner

    This play is set in 1939 and narrated in a comedic tone. The story begins in Madrid the same day the Spanish Civil War ended. A … Read more

  • The last somersault

    A peculiar little circus is bankrupt and in the process of seizure when a new recruit shows up: Flofli, the clown, coming from France where he … Read more

  • Nearby music

    Arriving to the old age, Alfredo, a widower and an important financer who is interested in the weaponry industry, wants to mend the mistakes of his … Read more

  • Secret dialogue

    This story is about the drama of an art critic, who is constantly trying to hide a secret: he is colour-blind. If this secret is revealed, … Read more

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