Etiqueta: Flight

  • Palliative (Paliativo)

  • Restart (Reinicio)

    A boot camp for young misfits.       Fifteen troubled youths, aged 16 to 21, are kidnapped and taken to a camp on a remote … Read more

  • Final Exorcism

    Final Exorcism is the first volume of erotic stories by Yovana Martinez. The life of a woman is narrated from her adolescence to her middle age … Read more

  • Escape attempt

    A powerful story of complex human relationships underpinned by power, humiliation, dignity and sex Marcos’ routine, diligent and withdrawn student of Fine Arts, is interrupted by … Read more

  • About to escape

    Paula is a young girl deemed to a grey life and with no expectation of fulfilling her dreams. She will gradually transform in the victim and … Read more

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