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  • The last night at Tremore Beach (La última noche en Tremore Beach) (TV Series)

     Everything seems perfect… Until the night of the great storm.   Peter Harper is a prestigious soundtracks composer who, after a traumatic divorce, moves to a … Read more

  • Alone At The Top

    The further you go, the closer you’ll be to oblivion.   A man awakens from a restful sleep when, suddenly, he is assaulted by a disturbing … Read more

  • What happened to Patricia Lukastic? (TV Series)

    Pressure can either create diamonds or burst pipes.   Patricia Lukastic is a young Argentinean tennis player; one of the most promising tennis players in the … Read more

  • A Communist in Underwear (Un comunista en calzoncillos)

    For the first time ever, he had to be careful about what he could and couldn't say   Summer of 1976, Argentina. In this year characterized … Read more

  • Isle of Passion (TV Series)

    They were forgotten, but they survived to the most adverse situations that anyone could ever imagine. In 1903, Ramón Arnaud, a young officer from the Mexican … Read more

  • My Downstairs Neighbor

          “I’ve done so many things for love, but I had the feeling that what I was able to do for hate had no … Read more

  • Cayetana’s daughter (Film)

      The black duchess that nobody knew about.  A surprising and forgotten episode starring one of the most celebrated women of Spanish history: Cayetana de Alba, … Read more

  • I will love you madly

    A recently divorced lady thinks she has found the man of her life, but a few months later, she finds herself in a prison of emotions: … Read more

  • My sweet bionic girl

    If your relationship fails, get a doll Andres, an unsatisfied film critic and a man who is very disappointed in his relations with the opposite sex, … Read more

  • My sweet bionic boy

    A woman lives unsatisfied in the field of love since it has never gone well with her boyfriends. Now, she finds herself looking for the perfect … Read more

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