Etiqueta: Lower class

  • The Cook of Castamar (TV Series)

    Available on Netflix  She forges her way to the heart of the duke himself.   Spain, 1720. Clara Belmonte is a young woman from a well-off … Read more

  • The Second Revolution Saga II: Them and Us (Ellos y nosotros)

    Only a few are ready for what is about to happen.   After spending the summer at the Koru Islands with Kózel, Lórim, to Denna’s annoyance, … Read more

  • The Second Revolution Saga I: Heir (Heredero)

      Magic and power intertwine in a plot that mixes gruesome murders and war with high school drama. Before the Revolution, there were ten families, one … Read more

  • Saga of Sergeant: Leo Martín: Life is a tango

    This is the second novel in the series starring Leo Martin, Chief of the Police Sector in a marginal neighborhood of Santa Clara, a city in … Read more

  • Capitan César Sánchez`s Saga: World Of Shadows

    The investigation opened by the disappearance of an Italian tourist, causes a cataclysm among those who surrounded her in recent days. Among them, a group of … Read more

  • Saga of Sergeant Leo Martín You Are Guilty

    You are guilty is the third installment of the investigations of Leo Martin, Chief of the Police Sector in a marginal neighborhood of Santa Clara, Cuba, … Read more

  • Saga of Segeant Leo Martín: May You Find Glory Instead Of Hell

    Leo Martin had to be appointed Chief of the Police Sector of the same neighborhood where he was born thirty-five years ago, a peripheral and marginal … Read more

  • The Great Silence

    Roberto Esteban was a worldwide known boxer in his youth. However, nowadays he is nothing but a manic, failed and lonely person who works as a … Read more

  • Niños de tiza

    Roberto Esteban goes back to the neighbourhood where he spent his childhood and his memories are activated: street games, lost friends, coloured chicks, the urban legend … Read more

  • The readhead

    Exile is not enough for the most feared murderer.     Juan Luis Higuera arrives in Cuba under the façade of one of the many Spanish … Read more

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