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  • Delirio

  • Saga Everything Burns (Todo arde)

    Three women. They took everything they had from them. Now, they have nothing to lose.    The three protagonists of this story have lost everything, that’s … Read more

  • Magnificent Disaster (An Original TV Series Project)

    A titanic and charismatic man… A titanic adventure to build the Panama Canal. The adventure of the Panama Canal, since its creator’s idea; the political and … Read more

  • The man of dusk

    The play opposes the decline of the middle-aged and the splendor of youth. Amelia, Ernesto and Julia belong to the first group. The first two are cynical and conscious … Read more

  • The Wrath of the Gods

    This play goes back in time to the generation born from the Restoration of the monarchy in Spain in 1874 (related to the historical moment from … Read more

  • Gala party

    In the Valençuela Republic, Felix, a cabaret waiter, wants to seduce a singer, Victoria. The two of them get involved in the process of a coup d’état. … Read more

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