Saga Everything Burns (Todo arde)

Everything Burns | Everything Returns

Three women. They took everything they had from them. Now, they have nothing to lose.

The three protagonists of this story have lost everything, that’s why they are so dangerous. Mari Paz Celeiro is the muscle of the group. One hell of tough Galician girl, capable of planting turnip tops and enlisting in the elite corps of the Legion. Battle- hardened, she has gone through a rough patch for the past five years. Aura Reyes is the brain of the clan. Until recently, she was a successful executive of a powerful bank, owner of a luxurious chalet and mother of two marvelous daughters. Sere Quijano is the hacker. A systems engineer and chaos witch. Her technological skills are inversely proportional to the effectiveness of her magic. She has a huge virtue: she blindly believes in everything she does.

This story starts when Aura Reyes sees how her lavish lifestyle crumbles before her eyes when she is accused of large-scale fraud and money laundering and sentenced to prison. The person to blame for this: Ponzano, her ex-boss and owner of the bank she used to work at, and the person who Aura wants to get revenge from. In jail she meets Mari Paz, a woman with a dark past who decides to join Aura in her mission. Sere, a hacker with a privileged mind also joins the clan, as she used to work for Ponzano and has her own reasons to get revenge against him.

The three women delve into the dark side of the banking world to confront Ponzano, who will do anything in the world to complete his own mission: to merge his bank with the biggest one in Europe and become even more powerful, even if he must destroy the lives of millions of clients on the way.

In Everything Returns, Aura cannot stand the idea of spending more time in prison; she needs to escape, regain custody of her daughters, and prove she has been falsely accused of fraud. Ten more minutes, that is all she has to survive if she wants to get out of prison alive, a task that seems impossible in the face of the four large and dangerous women who have her cornered in the prison yard.

Meanwhile, Mari Paz is being pursued by hitmen and has been forced to flee with Aura’s daughters. She is the tough one in the group of friends and has no hint of maternal instinct. Taking care of Aura’s twins won’t be easy, but for her and her daughters, she will do the impossible.

Sere, a computer expert, keeps a low profile as long as she can.

Aura will get help to escape, but at what cost? As the saying goes, “nothing in life is free.”

Once again, Aura, Sere, and Mari Paz find themselves in an unrelenting succession of dangerous situations. But in their quest to fix past mistakes, they delve into an even more complicated entanglement.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: After the success of Red Queen (Reina roja), Todo arde became the most awaited novel of 2022 and instantly became the most sold thriller of the year in Spain. Its first print quickly sold out its 275.000 copies.

Juan- Gómez Jurado, referred to as the “Spanish Ken Follet” by La Vanguardia newspaper, is without a doubt the most important and best selling thriller author in Spain. His novels have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated to more than forty languages.

Todo arde brings back some of the characters from the acclaimed saga Red Queen, but introduces a whole new universe of scenarios, characters, and plots. Todo arde stands out for having three strong and complex female protagonists with a captivating backstory.

The Red Queen saga broke numerous records, selling over 2 million copies and becoming the most successful book in Spain for several years in a row. It has been printed more that 160 times and stayed number one of the bestselling lists for 150 consecutive weeks.

Gómez-Jurado has been awarded the “Bibliotecas de la Comunidad de Madrid” award, the “Premio de Literatura Juvenil de Alfaguara” award and the “Libreros Noruegos” award.


What the critics have said about the novel and its author:

“It’s literary impossible to not get hooked”. ABC

“Take a deep breath before you begin to read. You won’t be able to until the end”. Javier Sierra (author)

“The best thriller author in Europe is Juan Gómez-Jurado”. Zenda

“It hopelessly captivates the reader”. Booklist


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, Dutch, Catalan, Italian, German.