Etiqueta: Moral dilemma

  • No fury like that

    A satire of second chances, death, redemption, and justice.     Julia Redner is a ruthless businesswoman, a Miranda Priestly type who is obsessed with success and … Read more

  • Unmask (Sin máscara)

    The honesty of a love that breaks the mold.   Roberto is a sixteen-year-old boy who began his career as a violinist at the age of … Read more

  • It’s Weird that My Name Is Federico (Qué raro que me llame Federico)

    Two voices united in pain, those of a mother and her son.   Belén is an editor in Madrid who dreams of being a mother but, … Read more

  • The Gospel (El evangelio)

    A call from destiny can turn into a miracle.       Eulalia is a twenty-year-old girl studying Education whose life is turned upside down when, … Read more

  • HDP

    When ambition knows no boundaries, and money is religion.   HDP are the initials of Hugo David Prado, owner of Grupo Alfa, the largest business conglomerate … Read more

  • What happened to Patricia Lukastic? (TV Series)

    Pressure can either create diamonds or burst pipes.   Patricia Lukastic is a young Argentinean tennis player; one of the most promising tennis players in the … Read more

  • I am the Spider (Yo soy el araña)

    A young policeman believes he is a superhero and faces corruption in his city.  When Pedro Pérez woke up that morning, he thought the only ¨dangerous¨ … Read more

  • A Good Guy (Un buen chico)

    Stop lying to yourself. Polo (Rubén Polo) is a ¨good¨ guy: he comes from a ¨good¨ family, he is attractive and charming. His life is seemingly … Read more

  • The Silent Network Saga (Saga Las redes del silencio)

    The Face in the Shadows | Steps of a Puppet | Ghosts of Paradise How far are we willing to go to become viral on the … Read more

  • Valkiria: Game Over

    Welcome to the game that will cost your life. Unai is a university student who lives on campus. He receives a compromising video in which he … Read more

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