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  • I Spit on your Grave (Escupiré sobre vuestra tumba) (Serie TV)

    Some evils can only be corrected with revenge.   United States 1940s. Lee Anderson is a Black man who looks white; he has light eyes and … Read more

  • Cherubs in Hell (Querubines en el infierno)

    The harrowing story of Mexicans who fought for the U.S. in World War II.     Cannon fodder: that is what the Mexican migrants who enlisted … Read more

  • I Will Never Be Your Hero Saga (Saga Nunca seré tu héroe)

    I´ll Never Be Your Hero / Hero, to my Regret / A Hero in Sneakers How to heroically survive a day in the life of a … Read more

  • Ghetto Brother

    GANGS OF NEW YORK meets WARRIOR. Ghetto Brother tells the true story of Benjy Melendez, a Bronx legend, son of Puerto-Rican immigrants, who founded the notorious, multiracial gang, the Ghetto … Read more

  • Hot Sur (TV Series)

    A nightmare called “the American dream”. María Paz is a Colombian immigrant in her 20s who arrived in the US searching for the American dream. Instead, … Read more

  • Europa

     A meticulous project that threatens to destroy Europe. A super-contaminated Madrid in which society is divided between the rich who live above the toxic clouds and … Read more

  • Sexographies

    There is no better way to know a society than observing their sexual habits. Gabriela Wiener is a journalist with no filter, sexually open and active, … Read more

  • Desert Blood

    There are dead girls who do not make any noise… Ivon Villa is a lesbian professor living in Los Angeles who returns home to El Paso … Read more

  • River of Angels

    A city divided by a river. The population separated by their ethnic origins. One bridge as the rallying point. The Rios are an established local family … Read more

  • Do it girl, do it! Until you fucking change this world

    Society is failing, Europe is sinking, ethical and moral values are vanishing, and the only thing that matters is the money you can earn. More than … Read more

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