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  • Invitation to a Murder (Film)

    Good enemies never fail you. Olivia Uriarte, a woman who just divorced her fifth husband, is used to a perfect and glamourous life. However, her life … Read more

  • Una grieta en la noche

      La oscuridad emerge en cada rincón de la ciudad. Este libro de cuentos reúne seis historias de corte espeluznante, donde la oscuridad de la Ciudad … Read more

  • Brujas en el bosque

    Un oscuro secreto oculto tras un pasado familiar. Dos jóvenes caminan por la costa del mar cuando, de repente, caen de rodillas al ver surgir de … Read more

  • Moss (Musgo) (Film)

    Man’s best friend will be the last to lose hope.   Moss is a dog who, not understanding why wars happen, has witnessed how his home … Read more

  • Honor: The other victims of the Marquises of Urquijo Murder Crime (Honor: Las otras víctimas del crimen de los marqueses de Urquijo)

    The truth behind one of the most well-known crimes in Spain.   On the night of August 1st, 1980, the marquises of Urquijo were shot while … Read more

  • CAR Saga (Saga CAR)

      I want to live out loud | And love you in stereo Sports, rivalry, love and lots of secrets.   Andrés and Arturo Claramunt are … Read more

  • Times of ink and ashes (Tiempo de tinta y ceniza)

    The story of an impossible true love.   Madrid, 1925. One secret, two sisters. Since they were little, Helena and Carmen Galiana have been opposites. Helena … Read more

  • Yell Quietly, Bro (Rvi potichu, brácho)

    A realistic yet beautiful loving story about the everyday life of a severely autistic boy and his family.    Fourteen-year-old Pamela lives with her mother and … Read more

  • Saga How (Not) to Fall in Love (Cómo (no) enamorarse)

    How (not) to fall in love | Three is (not) a crowd Love doesn't understand traditions Nora is an outgoing, dramatic, unpredictable, self-centered, yet also very fun … Read more

  • The Little Orphans (Los huerfanitos)

    Three brothers who hate each other and an inheritance at stake.       Ausias Susmozas is the owner and patriarch of the Pigalle, a theater … Read more

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