Etiqueta: Social class

  • The Weaving of Days (El tejido de los días)

    A sewing workshop, a forbidden love and a big family secret.   The year is 1950 and Julia, alone and pregnant, has just arrived in Zaragoza, … Read more

  • The cave

    A young man from a bourgeois family accepts joining a revolutionary group attempting to rid Spain from the absolute power of Ferdinand VII. He is part … Read more

  • The princess of the desert

    Nabih, a homeless man, tells a story to Hassan, a little boy. The story of the man is about Omar and Abdul, two young men who … Read more

  • The buzzing of the bees

    The story happens from March 1868 to February 1875. Tomás comes back to take over the family business of votive offerings and candle making after studying … Read more

  • The Wrath of the Gods

    This play goes back in time to the generation born from the Restoration of the monarchy in Spain in 1874 (related to the historical moment from … Read more

  • The poison of theatre

    Paris, 1784. Gabriel de Beaumont has been invited to the palace of a famous marquis, an aristocrat known for his eccentricities. Once there, he is requested … Read more

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