Anna Sólyom

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Sandra Bruna Literary Agency.

Anna Sólyom is a writer and therapist graduated in Philosophy. She is was born in Hungarian and lives in Spain. She combines her work as a writer with her work as a therapist specialized on body and mind wellness.

Her latest novel, Neko Café, is a contemporary and universal work that is going to be soon published in Spain, Germany, France and Italy. A delicate work, with complex and deep characters.



Her work has been translated and published in several countries such as The Netherlands, Spain, Hungary or Portugal.

Neko Café has been an international success in the most important European Book Fairs. Even before being published in Spain, there was already interest on it from Germany, France and Italy.

One of the additional values in Sólyom work is her experience as a therapist specialized on wellness. This allows her to capture in Neko Café elements of real life and truthful facts about how contact with animals is therapeutic.