Neko café

You don´t need 7 lives. You can find happiness in this one.

Nagore is a woman about to turn forty whose life in London has been a chain of calamities. Since she broke up with her boyfriend (who had cheated on her with an artist she herself had sponsored) and abandoned the art gallery they had set up together, she feels like nothing is going right in her life.

She arrives in Barcelona to start a new life. Job interviews don’t work out and her bank account is almost down to zero. An old friend from university suggests an unusual job: waitress at the Neko Café, a cafe recently opened by a Japanese girl called Yumi, where seven cats are waiting to be adopted by the clients. Her desperate situation forces her to overcome her fear of cats and take the job. At the beginning it is complete chaos, but as time passes, it will become a transforming experience.

Nagore will get close to the cats and the clients who eventually adopt them. She grows especially fond of a cat called Sort, brought in by a client, Marc, who sparks some feelings. Sort belonged to an old professor who got very sick and couldn’t take care of his cat when he was hospitalized. Nagore and Marc visit the professor often. They fall in love, but Marc receives a fantastic job offer in Geneva which could end their relationship.

The old professor asks Nagore to adopt Sort, and when he dies, to her complete surprise, he leaves his house to her. Marc decides not to go to Geneva and stay with her. A couple of months later, Nagore, Marc, and Sort move into the house… something Nagore would have never thought six months before.


RELEVANT DATA: Neko Café is an international success from very early on. Before being published in Spanish, had already sold its rights to Germany, France and Italy. The delicate and meticulous narrative, as well as the well-constructed characters are some of its greatest features.

Cat cafés are becoming very popular worldwide. This tendency started in Taiwan, consolidated in Japan and was exported to Asia, Europe and America. All this, together with the contemporary topics and universality of the story makes this story ideal for an audiovisual production with great potential for a franchise.

Anna Sólyom is a young author who has captivated the online readers community. Her experience as a therapist allows her to capture psychological complexity on its characters, one of the biggest strengths of Neko Café.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Catalan, and English sample available upon request.

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