Bernardo Fernández (BEF)

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Bernardo Fernández, also known as BEF, is a Mexican author. He studied at the University Center Mexico and graduated in Graphic Design from the Ibero-American University.

During the 90s, he was co-editor of the fanzine Sub, and art director of the magazine Complot Internacional. Apart from writing, he is also a cartoonist and a graphic designer.

His work as a writer is diverse, and includes children’s books, collections of short stories and young adult novels like Behind the Mask, a fun and entertaining story about 2 outcast teenagers who save the world as superheroes in their free time.



Fernandez is Latin America´s most important graphic novelist. Throughout his extensive literary career, BEF has received several awards, like the Una vuelta de tuerca Award, the Ignotus Award, the National Journalism Award, the Memorial Silverio Cañada de la Semana Negra de Gijón Award and the International Grijalbo Novel Award.

BEF’s works are characterized by the freshness of their plots. Although they might be addressed to a young adult audience, they are stories that can interest anyone, no matter the age.

Many critics praise the ease with which he creates peculiar, attractive and charming characters, with whom the audience can empathize from the very first moment.