Carlo Padial

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Carlo Padial is a Spanish writer, film director and screenwriter. Born in Barcelona, he has developed a multifaceted career that encompasses literature, cinema and humor. He is known for his work in various genres, including novels, comics, and especially for his participation in film and television projects.
In the literary field, Padial has published several works that have been well received for their originality and their ability to mix genres, parody and black humor. As a filmmaker, he has directed films and documentaries that often explore the world of entertainment, pop culture, and the quirks of modern life, using humor as a tool for social criticism.
He is the author of Doctor Portuondo, a novel that he adapted and directed himself in a series produced by Filmin. His other films include My Crazy Erasmus, Something Very Fat and You Are My Film. In addition, he co-directed the documentary series Crímenes online for Atresplayer Premium, presented by Samantha Hudson.
He was a collaborator of Late Motiv with Andreu Buenafuente (at # 0 of Movistar +) for three seasons and of APM? (TV3) for two. In addition, he has been video director for Grupo Zeta and director of reports and original content at PlayGround.

Padial is characterized by his innovative and often experimental approach, crossing boundaries between different media and forms of artistic expression, making him a leading figure within the contemporary Spanish cultural landscape.
His work frequently challenges narrative and visual conventions, seeking new ways to tell stories and entertain through humor and satire.