Content (Contenido)

#Creativity versus the Algorithm.

Moisés is a passionate video creator eager to make his mark in the industry. He finds his chance at Zenfire, a peculiar digital startup that survives thanks to Facebook’s algorithm. It’s an eccentric company with cult-like overtones, composed of a series of peculiar characters, among which stands out their leader, a directionless boss addicted to energy drinks, who merges references from hip-hop to Buddhist philosophy. Despite its recent business success, Zenfire is dedicated to creating meaningless content.

Moisés must navigate and survive in the peculiar environment of this digital jungle, stay true to his values, and be cunning enough to build a solid professional reputation.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Content is the first major novel about the digital media bubble, a rampant critique of the internet of algorithms, megalomania, and irrational consumption. In a world saturated with meaningless content, memes, and implausible news, the corporate structure becomes blurred.

Carlo Padial immerses us in a delirious world where New Age philosophy gives life to absurd and contemporary situations.

The critics have said:

“It’s a fun exploration of the current digital age, with a simple yet revealing style, the author addresses the overabundance of content on the internet and the structure of the companies behind it. Many references to current affairs and concepts from the digital world, all told in a clever way, offering an entertaining read that invites reflection on topics beyond content…” Goodreads.

“This novel is great, it’s a quick read, in two afternoons; and if you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to have been part of this world of incessant creation, you’ll see yourself reflected in many of its paragraphs.” The diary.

“A hilarious satire that at times seems like a science fiction nightmare.” The newspaper.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.