Cayetano Martínez de Irujo

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Duke of Arjona, Count of Salvatierra, Great of Spain and Olympic Equestrian Games show jumper. He was the president of the Spanish Athletes Association.

Martínez de Irujo, also known as Cayetano de Alba, is the fifth son of the Duchess of Alba. He has lived mostly in palacesaccording to him, surrounded by loneliness and sadness. But horse riding saved him and took him to the Olympic Games in Barcelona 1992, where he achieved the 4th position in teams show jumping category.

After a complicated sentimental life and big professional efforts to reach great success and maintain his equestrian career, now, being father of two children and after the death of his parents, he reflects about his past in the heart of a historic family.



In From Cayetana to Cayetano, the Duke of Arjona talks about what it means to live with a grand surname, and about the history of his family. Belonging to the House of Alba is a big privilege but also a big responsibility. He talks about the lack of ability to make his own decisions about his own life. He reveals unknown aspects of his well documented life and of one of the best known families in Spain.

“Thanks Cayetano, because with your catharsis you help many others in our own and also needed catharsis”  

The book is a huge success, it leads the top selling charts of the Non fiction category in La Casa del Libro and it is on the top three in El Corte Inglés, the two biggest bookshops in Spain.