David López Canales

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David López Canales is a journalist. He has worked for several newspapers and magazines; the most recent is Vanity Fair, where he has been coordinator of current issues during five years.

He currently works as a freelance, collaborating with multiple newspapers and magazines as Vanity Fair, El País Semanal, Papel, El Mundo, El País, Jot Down, Eldiario.es, La Vanguardia, GQ, Esquire, Telva or S Moda, among others. He has also written for other press media abroad such as Gatopardo (Mexico), Newsweek (USA), Society (France), Esquire (Colombia and Mexico), Soho and Don Juan (Colombia) or Schweiz am Sonntag (Switzerland), among many others.

In his articles and reports he has approached many different aspects of society, from women trafficking in Nepal to Muhhamad Ali, including cultural journalism, drug trafficking or interviews with Evo Morales and Charles Manson, being the only interview conceded by Manson to a Spanish journalist.



His first novel, The trafficker, talks about the “Prince of Marbella”, famous international weapons trafficker and supposed drug dealer, in prison at the moment in the United States. López Canales has been in touch with him during for over. Thanks to his interviews, López Canales has been able to write this thrilling story about his life between weapons, spies and secret operations.

The work is one of the best-selling non-fiction books in Spain, the audience describes it as rigorous and worth to watch on the big screen, extremely interesting research not only about Monzer Al Kassar but also about how nations work.