Los Farad (Serie TV)


Weapons, spies and secret missions in luxurious Marbella.

This show is inspired on the novel of David López Canales, The Trafficker. 

Monzer Al Kassar, known as “the Prince of Marbella”, is one of the biggest international arms dealers and supposed drug trafficker of the past decades. Based in Marbella, Al Kassar lived among the greatest luxuries and most important people in the area. He established international links with politicians and well-known international entrepreneurs. He thought he was “untouchable”.

Throughout his life, Al Kassar was arrested several times by the Spanish Government for helping terrorists and money laundering. However, he was absolved of all of them. It was not until 2008 when he was convicted in the US federal court as part of a US government sting, for agreeing to sell arms to undercover agents posing as suppliers for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

Despite being one of the biggest traffickers in the last decades, López manages to prove who is behind that façade created by the media. He introduces the real man who used to hide behind the image of an arrogant and haughty man.


RELEVANT DATA: David López Canales made use of the letters and emails he exchanged with Al Kassar in order to write The Trafficker. For more than 5 years, the author and the convict have been in contact through a system of emails that allows US inmates to communicate with their families. All the messages are supervised before they reach their addressee.

Al Kassar is a very complex character who was extremely simplified by the media. The press managed to portray him as a selfish and ambitious man who only looked out for his own benefit. In The Trafficker, the real Al Kassar, with all his shades of grey, is finally brought to light.

“A story worthy of a thriller movie”, Amazon

David López Canales is a Spanish journalist who has worked for several newspapers and magazines, like Vanity Fair, El Mundo, El País Semanal, Gatopardo and Newsweek, among others.