Emilio Ortiz

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Emilio Ortiz is a Spanish writer. He was born in Barakaldo, Vizcaya, but moved to Madrid when he was two years old. He suffers from Retinitis Pigmentosa, a genetic disorder that finally took away his sight when he was 25 years old. He studied in an ONCE (Spanish National Organization of Blind People) school in Madrid, and later on he worked as a seller of ONCE lottery products, a profession he has practiced in every city he has lived in. He studied History at the UNED.

Despite his visual deficiency, he was always fond of Reading, which caused him lots of headaches until he discovered the Braille system and computers adapted for blind people, after which he started Reading and writing more often.

His first novel, A través de mis pequeños ojos (Through My Little Eyes), was self-published, and the author himself was also the editor, the distributor and the promoter. It was a success in his town, and four months letter it reached the Top 100 in Amazon, reaching number 1 a few days later.



Apart from being number 1 in Amazon’s  Top 100 list with his novel A través de mis pequeños ojos (Through My Little Eyes), Ortiz won the second prize in the I Certamen Internacional Musas de Primavera and the first prize in the 11th edition of the Premios ANADE de cuento.